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Store Feature: Blackstar May 2, 2009

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So I was wandering around looking at god knows what (honestly I go on some wild explorations sometimes) and wound up landing at this cool SIM with some well known stores.  But there was one store I hadn’t heard of before and that was Blackstar.  The second I saw the clothes I had to call my friends Zane, Frankie and Syler over to check it out.

Blackstar is a small store with a ton of punch.  The quality was way beyond what I was expecting for the price.  The clothes are fun, a little punky/gothy/fun which normally isn’t my thing but hey I’m learning to be flexible.  On top of having some great looks they have insane prices.  Seriously, 250L for a well made outfit? Hell yeah!

The one I’m wearing here is called Bruised and you too can own it for a mere 250L.  My favorite part are the pants, I seriously would have bought these separately for 250L because they look so amazing.  My favorite detail is the way the seams are stretched along the hips and thighs like I really had to squeeze them on. Rawr!  Thank you Izzy Dench! The shirt and gloves come with it, btw.  But not the boots, those are the Xing Boots from Shiny Things.

Check it out!   BLACKSTAR

And the other items in my photo are as follows:

Magnolia hair by Sadistic Hacker
Fairy Glade eyes by Poetic Color
Xing boots by Shiny Things
Silver Shooter necklace by Redgrave

Make sure to check out all their selections, some of which are modeled by Zane, Frankie & Syler in the photos below!


One Response to “Store Feature: Blackstar”

  1. Izzy Dench Says:

    Whoohooo and yaaayy /
    Thanks for writing this,looove it.
    I D

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