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Store Feature: Blackstar May 2, 2009

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So I was wandering around looking at god knows what (honestly I go on some wild explorations sometimes) and wound up landing at this cool SIM with some well known stores.  But there was one store I hadn’t heard of before and that was Blackstar.  The second I saw the clothes I had to call my friends Zane, Frankie and Syler over to check it out.

Blackstar is a small store with a ton of punch.  The quality was way beyond what I was expecting for the price.  The clothes are fun, a little punky/gothy/fun which normally isn’t my thing but hey I’m learning to be flexible.  On top of having some great looks they have insane prices.  Seriously, 250L for a well made outfit? Hell yeah!

The one I’m wearing here is called Bruised and you too can own it for a mere 250L.  My favorite part are the pants, I seriously would have bought these separately for 250L because they look so amazing.  My favorite detail is the way the seams are stretched along the hips and thighs like I really had to squeeze them on. Rawr!  Thank you Izzy Dench! The shirt and gloves come with it, btw.  But not the boots, those are the Xing Boots from Shiny Things.

Check it out!   BLACKSTAR

And the other items in my photo are as follows:

Magnolia hair by Sadistic Hacker
Fairy Glade eyes by Poetic Color
Xing boots by Shiny Things
Silver Shooter necklace by Redgrave

Make sure to check out all their selections, some of which are modeled by Zane, Frankie & Syler in the photos below!


A perfect day for scooting around… April 19, 2009

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scooters-copyFREEBIE!!!!!  You NEED to have these in your inventory.  Yes, this scooter is a necessity!  It won’t be available for much longer so do NOT wait.    It can be found at 19 Motorcycle, it’s the D-Hello 1.06…Go and get it!


Atomic (Kitty) Re-Opening!

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atomic-kitty-opening-copyAtomic Kitty has re-opened and I’m still in the middle of the shopping frenzy!  I wanted to throw this out there ASAP, since it is only up for 24 hours!  The girls’ version, which is kinda hard to see on me, says I ❤ Noobs.  The guy version is pictured behind me.  Both are 10L (regular price 100L) and available, as the sign says, until tomorrow!  So, get your butts down here!  And, let me just add, as I’m skimming the walls…O..M..G!  I’m gonna be broke!  ❤


Harajuku Hunt

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Sean and I went to the Harajuku Box Concert/Hunt start today after I saw a few people plurking about it.  After the performance by Takamura Keiko (which was really good) we decided to do the hunt.  Yay for hunts having stuff for the guys too.  The hunt continues until the 25th so there’s plenty of time to pick up the goodies. Here’s some of the stuff we got.

Both of our skins, my eyes, and our outfits are from the hunt.

Our shirts are from the hunt and jeans from League.  I believe they weren’t much for a two pack (which we both purchased) I’ll post the price later.  My shoes are from SIN (xstreet) there are several colors available all for $0L.

My hair throughout the post is from !Lamb and Sean’s is from KMadd.

Couples poses used from CnS


Eggstatic April 6, 2009

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I’ve been waiting a few weeks for the MiaSnow egg hunt.  Then I totally forgot until about an hour ago that it had started.  haha go figure.  The eggs are not hard to find and have some great goodies from House of Munster, MiaSnow, LurveBite, Jas and Tekeli-li.

The hair worn in this picture is from Aden, she’s having a $50L sale at the moment.  Not sure when it end so if you haven’t gone already I suggest you go soon.


Pimpage March 30, 2009

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Ok so I’m going to be totally shameless and pimp each of our other blogs just in case anyone would like to look at them as well :]

Kith: Threads

Rylan: Reflections

Makenzie: Rummagings


Designer Spotlight – Autumn Hykova of Pixel Dust

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I’m not really sure what took me so long to wander into Autumn Hykova’s shop, Pixel Dust.  I had like 5 lms for it so apparently I’d been meaning to go and had just forgotten.  If you read this and think…”oh I’ll go later, I’ll bookmark the slurl”, no, you should go now, lol.  There are tons of styles to choose from and at 50L a color you can easily afford to buy a wide variety.

Who is your main inspiration? I like to make my hair look like something that is wearable in RL. as far as people who inspire me, I have a few: Dakota Buck, Dove Swanson, Noam Sprocket, pretty much any one of my friends who are content creators, I love watching the ideas that my friends come up with.

How hard is it to find recognition in the SL fashion industry?
I’m not sure that I have ‘recognition’ in the SL fashion community. But I think it’s hard to start out, and it’s a long process to be ‘known’

What are the greatest problems and benefits facing SL designers? problems are thieves/copybotters. Benefits are the limitlessness of the SL platform. I make a hair and I can sell it infinitely, I don’t have to replace materials or anything like that like I would in RL.

Where do you like to shop? Everywhere 🙂 I love to find smaller quirky shops.

Who are your favorite designers? Dakota Buck, Noam Sprocket,  Fallingwater Cellardoor, Zaara Kohime, Annette Voight, Julliette Westerburg, Twiggy Whippet, Emma Gilmour, Gala Phoenix

Are your designs a reflection of your RL style? some of them are, though I don’t think I’d do a mohawk in the RL lol

What got you into creating things in SL? boredom, and a bad breakeup.  🙂

How long have you been making things? nearly 2 years now.

What’s the next project you’ll be working on?
I’m working on rebranding my old line with new textures and new styles. Tiny Bird is coming soon!

What are your other interests in SL? Shopping and hanging out with friends mainly. I love to go to listen to my friends DJ.

Ok, last but not least, what did the monkey at the zoo say to the little boy? so I googled this, and didn’t find any answers, I’m gonna go with … um….  … I fail. 😦

Styles worn are Stephanie, Roslin and Julia.